Formerly known as Shack's Math Problems
by Michael Shackleford, A.S.A.

206.Ant on a rubber band problem
207.Rubik's Cube problem
208.Maximum volume of a cylinder problem
209.Square wheel problem
210.What holds more water, a cup or cone?
211.Hat and river problem
212.Three logicans game #3
213.Poker theory game #1
214.Three-player double-or-nothing game
215.Poker theory game #2
216.Expected rolls with two dice
217.Solve epi*i
218.Expected random numbers from [0,1] for the sum to exceed 1?
219.23 prisoners and two light switches problem
220.Good Will Hunting problem
221.25 horses problem
222.Eight pieces of bread problem
223.Cylinder in a sphere problem #1
224.Cooling beer problem
225.Poker theory game #3
226.Poker theory game #4
227.Two ferries problem
228.Cylinder in a sphere problem #2
229.Flight around the world problem
230.Five coins problem
231.Semi-circle inscribed in a quarter-circle problem
232.Which is more e^pi or pi^e?
233.Rook in the corner
234.Solve (x^2-15x+55)^(x^2-9x+20)=1
235.Hanging rope problem
236.Three circles problem #3
237.Three ants problem
238.Two boards and a moat
239.3 hot dog vendors and a beach
240.4 hot dog vendors and a beach
241.10 playing cards and a dark room
242.Maximum volume of cone
243.Secret Santa
244.Connecting four points on a square
245.Leaping frog
246.Common birthday for three or more people
247.Semicircle in a rectangle
248.Sphere in a tetrahedron
9.Chicken McNugget problem
12.Three men, a bell boy, and a motel room problem
13.Wine and cigar problem
14.Four pints of beer problem
16.Two coins problem
17.Dartboard problem #1
21.License plates and a scale problem
25.Guess the age problem
33.Russian roulette problem
34.Drug test problem
38.Meeting at a restaurant problem
39.Zeros and ones problem
44.Coin toss problem #1
52.Two children problem
54.Work or pleasure problem
57.Chessboard problem #1
58.Chessboard problem #2
63.Impossible to draw figure problem
67.Insurance in blackjack problem
71.Nine pearls and a scale problem
76.Two bags and marble problem
78.House painting problem
79.Three humans, three monkeys, and a boat problem
83.To confess or not confess problem
88.Three Surgeons, Two Gloves, and a Patient
92.Trigonometry problem
94.Pothole problem
95.Four people, a bridge, and a flashlight problem
99.Camel and grain problem
100.Pythagorean problem
109.Two bags of M&Ms problem
115.Poissoned win problem
117.Two incense sticks problem
119.Round table in a square room problem
121.Wait for a 6 problem
125.Clock problem
130.Cutting a pizza problem
133.Inheritance problem
134.Free trade problem
135.How much is that puppy problem
136.Two marble collections problem
137.Grave digging problem
143.Dice game #3
150.ABCDE * 4 = EDCBA problem
153.Insurance company problem
156.Heat-seeking missle problem
163.Large tank with 10 outlets problem
164.Two courier pigeons problem
166.Miss America problem
167.Wagon wheel problem
169.Hungry spider problem
170.How old am I problem
173.Three card problem
180.Two switches problem #1
184.Coconuts and monkey problem #2
186.Monty Hall problem
188.Infinite fraction problem
194.Average of the lesser of two random numbers from 0 to 1?
4.Ant and spider problem
5.Three wise men and mischievous boy problem
7.Volume of tetrahedron problem
8.Volume of octahedrom problem
10.Four businesses on a circle problem
18.Sideways tank of gas problem
19.Balls and an urn problem #1
20.Nine minute egg problem
22.Two brothers and a flock of x sheep
23.Fork in the road problem
24.Baby bottle problem
27.Alley and two ladders problem
28.Furniture factory problem
31.Compound interest problem #1
32.A fence, board, and a shadow problem
35.Light bulb problem #1
36.Light bulb problem #2
37.Common birthday problem
40.Land and sea race problem
42.Drunken walk problem #1
43.Wall and two houses problem
45.Surface area of Colorado problem
47.Height of pentagon problem
49.Compound interest problem #2
50.World series problem
51.Maximum volume of cone problem
56.Babies in the nursery problem
59.Two primes problem
65.Spirograph problem
68.Four weights and a scale problem
72.A jar and an amoeba problem
80.128 pennies and a blindfold problem
82.Pass line bet problem
85.Five pirates and a 1000 coins problem
86.Compound interest problem #3
87.How far can the plane fly problem
90.Mortgage payment problem
91.Keno problem
98.Five rectangles in a square problem
102.Dartboard problem #2
108.Five people, a pile of coconuts and a monkey problem #2
112.Five socks problem
113.10,000 digits of e problem
114.Gold mining problem
118.13 pirates and a safe problem
122.Mouse and a cube of cheese problem
127.100 story building and a billiard ball problem
128.Coin toss problem #4
131.Tiger and the lake problem
138.SEND+MORE=MONEY problem
139.Roulette promotion problem
140.Toothpick problem
142.Dice game #2
144.Dice game #4
145.Dice game #5
149.Burried treasure problem
151.Four mathematicians problem
152.Ant and spider on a piece of wood problem
154.Biased coin flipping problem #1
157.Two boats problem
159.Four couples on a deserted island problem
160.Paint mixing problem
161.Poker problem
162.Five pumpkins problem
165.64-minute fuse problem
168.Cows eating grass problem
171.How many ways to get from A to C problem
172.Late train problem
174.Dating service problem
178.Serial number problem
179.Acceleration problem
181.Two switches problem #2
182.Triangular field problem
183.Train station meeting problem
187.Marching soldiers problem
189.Circle and triangle problem
190.100 coin problem
192.Rock/Paper problem
195.Average of the least of n random numbers from 0 to 1?
196.Two-player random number game
201.Two dice question, twelve before two sixes.
2.Snow plow problem
3.Cycloid problem
6.Two envelope problem
26.100 single women problem
29.Four dogs and a square problem
41.Water flow and tank problem
46.Coin toss problem #3
60.Screw your neighbor problem
61.Coin toss problem #3
62.Probabilities in poker problem
64.Cardiod problem
69.The Price is Right wheel problem #1
70.Lottery problem
73.Free gift in the cereal box problem #1
74.Free gift in the cereal box problem #2
75.Gift exchange problem
77.Probability of gender problem
81.Military attack problem
84.12 pearls and a scale problem
89.Pass line and odds problem
93.Swimming pool dilution problem
96.Three people, a bridge, and a bicycle problem
104.The Price is Right wheel problem #2
105.Parking cars problem
106.Three circles and a line problem
107.Create 24 with 1, 3, 4, and 6 problem
116.Roulette problem
120.Yahtzee problem
124.Small town election problem
126.The Price is Right bidding problem
141.Dice game #1
146.Dice game #6
147.Expected number of random numbers, uniformally distributed from 0 to 1, needed for the sum to be greater than 1?
155.Biased coin flipping problem #2
158.Final Jeopardy problem
176.Roulette promotion problem
177.Picking apples problem
185.Stick and buz saw problem
191.Roulette problem
193.Rock/Paper/Scissors problem
198.Three logicians game #1
200.Baseball playoffs question
202.Blue and Red Amoeba
204.154 Rolls of the Dice in Craps
205.Keno with Replacement
1.Probability of n points in a semicircle problem
11.Coin toss problem #1
15.Three door problem
30.Two boats problem
48.Volume of dodecahedrom problem
53.Mean distance between two points in a square problem
55.Flying bird in the wind problem
66.Closest distance between two points on a sphere problem
97.A dog, a chain, and a lighthouse problem
101.Three men and three questions problem
103.Create 24 with two 3s and two 7s
110.Cable in the field problem
111.Four circles problem
123.Height of a pentagon problem
129.Sicherman dice problem
132.21 squares in a big square problem
148.Four people, bridge, and flashlight problem
175.Five ants on a pentagon problem
197.Three-player random number game
199.Three logicians game #2
203.One-Card Poker home