Problem 106 Solution

Define u as the center of circle A, v the center of circle B, and w the center of circle C. Define x as the point tangent to circle A and the line, y as the point tangent to circle B and the line, and z as the point tangent to circle C and the line.

uwzx forms a trapazoid with sides of length a,a+c,c,2*sqr(ac) per the pythagorean formula. Likewise the bottom of trapazoid vyzw is 2*sqr(bc) and the bottom of trapazoid uvyx is 2*sqr(ab).

The sum of the bottoms of trapazoids uwzx and vyzw is equal to the bottom of trapazoid uvyx:






Note: Steve Schaefer points out the following general relationship c-1/2 = a-1/2 + b-1/2

Michael Shackleford, A.S.A.