This is what my Baby Name page looked like when I launced it in 1996. The page was later removed, deferring to the Social Security web site. In 2009 I put it back up, out of historic and sentimental reasons. Do not try to reach me at the e-mail address listed, I stopped using it in 2000, due to excessive spam.

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Welcome to my baby name page! If you're looking for information on what baby names are popular and which are not then you are in the right place. About 20,000 children born in 1996 and residents of the United States are included in the sample, representing 5405 different names. You may choose a list sorted alphabetically or by popularity. I do not have information on the meaning or origin of names, there are some other fine sources on the internet for this kind of information.

My primary motive was to let people know what the most common names are so hopefully they will choose another for their children. As a Mike I know it was no fun to always have two or three other Mikes in the same classroom and wondering if you are being called everytime somebody says "Mike" in a crowded situation. Also, I hope people will learn that giving a goofy spelling of name may not be as original an idea as they think it is.

Top 10 Baby Names* of 1996


1. Michael
2. Matthew
3. Jacob
4. Christopher
5. Nicholas
6. Joshua
7. Austin
8. Zachary
9. Tyler
10. Joseph


1. Kaitlyn
2. Emily
3. Sarah
4. Ashley
5. Jessica
6. Brianna
7. Alexis
8. Megan
9. Rachel
10. Taylor

* The top ten names include all spelling variations. For example k-a-i-t-l-y-n is only the 36th most popular girls' name but when you combine it and the other names with their various spelling variations then the Kaitlyn group becomes number one.

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Popularity order (different spellings listed separately)

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